SunSurfs WT3 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 200,000W (200KW)

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200KW Wind Turbine, High Efficiency VAWT


Key Features

1.     Low start-up wind speed - 1.8m /s, greatly improves efficiency.

2.     Low rotating speed, 40 rpm to generate rated power.

3.     No noise, <63db at 10m distance.

4.     Blades to regulate angles automatically every 30 seconds, to increase the windward area at low speed and decrease it at fierce wind.

5.     Hydraulic tower for easy installation and  maintenance.

6.     Remote monitoring.

7.     Optional heating blades. 

Technical data

Rated output capacity:KW 200
DC line voltage:V 500
Start-up wind speed:m/s 1.8
Cut-in wind speed:m/s Wind speed=2.9m/s should continue to at least 30 minutes 
Rated wind speed:m/s 11
Rated rotating speed:rpm 40
Grid voltage:V 3AC  400V±5%
Grid frequency :Hz 50/60±0.5
Inverter capacity:KVA 250
Output rated voltage:V 3AC  400V±5%
Output rated frequency:Hz 50/60±0.2
Output current THD rate:<3%
Negative sequency voltage(The unbalance of three phase 2%
Inverter efficiency 96%
Electro magnetic compatibility Resist 2500V impulse interference
Cooling mode:Forced air cooling
Blades quantity: 4Group
Windmill diameter(m): 23
Tower height(m): 18m
Adjustment mode(m):Blades change angle
Brake mode:Hydraulic position brake wind speed should =2.9 m/s
Noise:dB(A) =65db      Wind speed 5m/s with 10m distance
Temperature : -45—55?
Yaw protection  Voltage protection
Current Protection
Wind speed protection
Rotating speed protection

The angle of the blade can be adjusted by the eccentric rod, controlled by the controller that collects data from anemometer and dogvane.

Under normal wind speed, the blades obtain maximum windward area by just face toward the wind direction. Then the rotation speeds up to achieve the maximum wind utilization.

However, under extreme high wind the blades decrease its windward area to slow down the rotation to protect the device.

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