SunSurfs GT-AXD Temperature Detector

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  • Walk Through Temperature Detector:SunSurfs GT-AXD Temperature Detector is a walk through temperature measuring device ideal for Coronavirus or COVID-19 body temperature detection.
SunSurfs GT-AXD Temperature Detector is a walk through temperature measuring device ideal for Coronavirus or COVID-19 body temperature detection. Mount on entrance doors or metal detectors. Use in office buildings, schools, hotels, sport arenas, gyms, transport hubs, airports, restaurants and more.  

SunSurfs GT-AXD Technical Specs

Detection Method

Thermal Infrared Imaging Sensor

Sensor Probe

High Sensitive, High Pixels, High Resolution, Area Array Image

Detection Number

40-60 people/min in normal walking

Automatic Adjustable Sensor Probe

The sensor probe can be adjusted automatically based on height of passing people and no missing

Detection Accuracy

Tolerance  ±0.5C in room temp

Tolerance  ±0.3C in staying mode

Alarm Method

Audible and visual alarm when exceeding setting temp

Intelligent Statistics

Recording normal and abnormal passing numbers separately

Connection Method

USB, computer and network connection

Parameter setting

Sensitivity and accuracy can be set by end users

Three types of passing mode

1 normal passing 2 slow passing

3 staying

Detection Distance

Less than 50cm

Fast and convenient installation 

Application:  schools, hospitals, stations, ports, restaurants, hotels and more

Operation Temp

-20 degrees C  - 50 degrees C

Operation Humidity


Detection Temp Range

25C - 48C


Less than 13W




AC180-250V, 50/60HZ

Operation Frequency

Can be adjusted automatically according to operation environment or manually

Net Weight

About 50kg(110lb)

Inner Frame Dimension



Outer Frame Dimension

2150mm(height)x780mm(width)x500mm(depth)   84.6"(height)x30.7"(width)x19.7"(depth)

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