Fiberglass Water Storage Tank
Fiberglass Water Storage Tank

SunSurfs 5200 Gals Fiberglass Water Storage Tank

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SunSurfs Fiberglass (FRP) water tank is assembled by moulding single board, sealing , metallic structure, and plumbing. We can supply any specification according to customer's requirement.
 The advantage of FRP water tank :

1. Light weight and high strength,  easy to transport and assemble at site;

2. Excellent waterproof property, with no leakage;  

3. Anti-aging with long service for over 30 years;

4. Maintenance free;

5. Affordable;

6. Tank capacity from 33 Gals to over 30,000 Gals

Item name

Fiberglass Water Tank


SMC: Sheet Molding Compound

Reinforcing material

Fiberglass, glass fiber and glass mat

Basic Material

Special unsaturated polyester resin

Auxiliary Material

Gel coat resin, firming agent

Accelerating agent and abrasive material.




Tensile strength (Mpa): ≥60

Bending strength (Mpa): ≥100

Barcol hardness (Mpa): ≥60

Flexural modulus (Mpa): ≥5900

Water absorption: ≤1.0%

Fiberglass content: ≥25%

Maximum distortion of side wall ≤0.5%

Distortion of the bottom≤8mm



Panel size:1.0*1.0*1.0m, 1.0 *2.0*1.0m, 1.0*3.0*1.5m, etc

SMC board size:1.0*1.0m, 1.0*0.5m, 0.5m*0.5m

Wall board thickness:5mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm etc





1:  Leak-proof

High density fiberglass reinforce plastic with non-toxic high performance sealing tape.

2:  Long lifetime

Our FRP water tank  maximum distortion of the sidewall is less than 1 percent of the height; maximum distortion of the bottom center is less than 10mm. The normal durable lifetime is over 30 years.



Our FRP water tank can be used in factory, Enterprises, government hotel, motel, restaurant, residence as storage facility as well as places with high requirements for water quality, such as hospitals and food processing plants.



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