Layaway Payment

HOW IT WORKS > eLayaway makes it easy for you to buy the products and services that you want by paying for them through manageable monthly payments that you set. Our intuitive calculator allows you to break down your order  purchase price into smaller payment amounts. Payments can be automatically deducted from your bank account or made in cash using MoneyGram®ExpressPayment® Services and you will receive your order once it is paid in full. Use eLayaway to plan and budget your SunSurfs equipment  purchases.

  1. REGISTER > Its  quick, easy and FREE! No credit check required! You can also choose to upgrade to our premium plan, eLayawayADVANTAGE. As an eLayawayADVANTAGE member you will enjoy a list of benefits including free transactions, identity theft protection, money-saving tips and you can even improve your FICO Expansion Score.
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