About Us

SunSurfs is an alternative energy equipment supplier. We are committed to provide advance renewable energy technology to homes and businesses with the intent to supplement fossil fuel consumption by 90% or more.

We understand the challenges to obtain financing for renewable energy equipment and therefore our easy 100% equipment financing programs are designed to address said challenges.

Energy is the foundation of our modern society.  SunSurfs believes it is imperative we advance the usage of renewable energy to sustain our present and future energy demands while simultaneously providing revenue opportunities for large cross-sections of our economy. SunSurfs is expanding its infrastructure to contribute to the advancement of renewable energy usage within our homes and business. SunSurfs is proud to now offer solar batteries with lifetime free batteries replacement further contribute to the affordability of solar/wind off grid systems and reduce fossil fuel dependency.  

SunSurfs is deploying 24/7 equipment support to increase customers satisfaction. There is no substitute for free energy lets SunSurfs equipment help supplement your fossil fuel energy demands.